Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Upcomming Topics

I ran out of room on my laptop for my Sabayon installation, so I figured it was time to do some housecleaning anyways.  I booted up with my System Rescue CD and got to work.  I haven't used Vista in any meaningful way in quite sometime, so I imaged the partition and deleted it.  I also imaged the laptop recovery partition.  I backed up my home partition and my Vista data partition with a simeple cp -ax.  Then I used fsarchiver to backup the lvm volume of my root system.  Once I had all the backups in place, I deleted everything with fdisk. I booted up my Sabayon live CD, and reinstalled.

Once I had Sabayon in place, I booted back up with my Rescue Tools cd, restored my root partition with fsarchiver, mounted the lv_home with a mount /dev/sg_sabayon/lv_home and restored my home with a cp -ax, setup a chroot environment, made sure I had the same kernel using the kernel-switcher.  Then I rebooted with a Sabayon live CD and restored my boot partition, and whew!!!, it worked!!!  w00t!!!

So, anyway, I'm going to try to write a post per week here.  Some upcoming topics will be:

  • Setting up shares with sshfs
  • Using git and git-annex for file backups
  • Backing up lvm snapshots while running live
If there are any topics you would like me to consider, feel free to leave a comment...

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